Real Estate

Leveraging your Business Requirements
Real Estate Industry has been growing rapidly over the years. Such unprecedented growth has given way to introduce technology to manage the industry. Real estate is a wide industry that comprises of property companies, real estate consultants, etc. Adoption of enterprise architecture to increase the efficiency of the industry has paved way for many players in the market. Ejyle's reliable software solutions take care of your real estate management requirements, streamlining them and reducing cost and time as well.

Experts say “The world's commercial real estate markets have moved into 2014 in better shape than at any time since the Global Financial Crisis of 2008-2009”. In this robust climate, many are scampering to stay ahead of their competitors by leveraging and the adoption of disruptive technology trends that can grow both the owner-side and occupier-side business.

Ejyle positions itself as an IT partner providing Enterprise Architecture, Solution design, Development and Information Technology advisory services to the commercial and residential real estate industries. Our Social-media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) based frameworks and approach allows us to provide IT transformational strategies and capabilities for local, national and global real estate companies. Our SMAC - real estate practice brings together teams with broad and deep real estate and technology experience and knowledge to provide customized solutions for all clients.

Our client base has the diversity of the dynamic real estate community. These clients include: real estate service providers, property companies, homebuilders and property developers.

Ejyle recently engaged with one of the top global Real Estate service providers for their SMAC based digital transformation effort. The Ejyle team of Architects developed enterprise level context, functional, solution and enterprise architecture views in-order to make relevant recommendations and suggest improvements in existing solution strategies.