Streamlined, Integrated and Automated GRC Process

Comprehensive and End-to-End Automation to Streamline GRC Processes in a Large Enterprise

An RSA Archer-driven GRC solution that automates various GRC processes including policy management, compliance management, risk management, third-party risk management, and ISMS. It also includes a comprehensive CISO dashboard.

Telecom industry is often one of the prime targets by organized criminals and hackers to compromise their security. To stay in business, telecom companies must comply with so many regulations, security standards, and keep bad actors at bay. This is only possible with robust implementation of governance, risk, compliance (GRC), and cybersecurity practices and processes.

The client had an existing GRC implemented which was ineffective and lacked an integrated approach across their department and functions dealing with Compliance, Risk, Cybersecurity, Automation and Reporting. In-order to achieve this, the client approached Ejyle to create an Integrated, enhanced and transparent GRC process environment.

Different departments having disparate processes guidelines, frameworks, point solutions, automation and tooling approaches posed creation of a unification.

The existing RSA Archer based implementation lacked leverage of several intended features and benefits, which had no well-defined Risk data and standardized methodologies that was required for easy collaboration. This caused redundancies in processes, lack of visibility into risks, controls, processes, monitoring mechanisms and manageability.

Existing implementation lacked taking advantage of BI tools for advanced visualization and Cyber risk Quantification to help modelling and provide executive dashboard for effective decision making.

The client approached Ejyle to Assess, Re-define frameworks & processes and, implement an integrated GRC implementation using RSA Archer. Ejyle deployed a dedicated team to work on this requirement which included Enterprise Management, Policy Management, Risk Management, Compliance Management, Cyber Defense, CISO Dashboarding, and Cyber Risk Quantification. The solution was deployed as a secure on-premises offering, enabling client to start using the solution effectively.

Enterprise Management

Ejyle’s GRC team studied the business requirements and implemented a tailor-made solution suitable for client’s Business Hierarchy, and Business/IT Infrastructure. The Enterprise Solution was operationalized by migrating existing data to generate meaningful insights. The solution enabled several integration touchpoints to support other dependent GRC use cases.

Integrated Risk Management

Ejyle’s GRC team implemented an integrated & centralized risk management solution across client’s organization for measuring and reporting risk postures across departments. Appropriate controls were defined and assessed based on predefined criteria and checklists, with tools to score, tabulate, and report the results. This approach enabled to meet client’s business objectives with predictable results.

Compliance Management

Ejyle’s GRC team automated the Compliance Management framework to enable the client to implement a centralized compliance reporting and provide high visibility of the overall CS Compliance landscape.

The automation solution helped streamline the processes and workflow for testing CS controls which allowed client to deploy standardized assessment processes for manual controls. It also helped to integrate testing results from various automated systems. Issues identified during compliance assessments were centralized that enabled tracking and reporting of compliance gaps. Streamlined assessments accelerated the identification of CS gaps. Linkages between risks and internal controls eased communication of CS control requirements thereby reducing compliance gaps and improvement in risk mitigation strategies.

Policy Management

Ejyle’s GRC team streamlined the Policy Management process and established a scalable and flexible environment to manage corporate and regulatory policies to ensure alignment with compliance obligations. This included documentation of policies and standards, assigning ownership, and mapping policies to key business areas and objectives. The primary driver was to support the policy, standard & control lifecycle which included the review, maintenance, and notification processes.

Cyber Risk Quantification

Ejyle’s GRC team implemented RSA Archer Cyber Risk Quantification use case to help client to quantify financial risk exposure to cybersecurity events. The Cyber Risk Quantification use case helped the client CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) to prioritize risk mitigation efforts based on business and financial impact. It also helped to communicate the impact of cyber risk in financial terms to senior management and the board. The solution empowered the client to make more informed decisions regarding their risk and security investments.

CISO Dashboard

Ejyle’s GRC team implemented advanced visualization and predictive modeling methods using Micro Strategy to provide executive dashboard for effective decision making. The Dashboard covered executive summary of the enterprise GRC, Cyber Defense and KPI. The Dashboard supports Mobile, Web, and other Handheld user interfaces

Integration with Cybersecurity Systems

Following cybersecurity systems are integrated with Archer platform

  • ArcSight for security analytics and intelligence
  • Qualys to detect vulnerabilities on networked assets
  • RedSeal for Network Infrastructure Security Management (NISM)
  • MicroStrategy for BI & Analytics
  • Splunk for real time operational intelligence
  • ERP

Minimal redundancies

The Ejyle GRC implementation encompasses all silos at an enterprise level to enhance and strengthen, collaboration and coordination on GRC processes across departments, resulting in minimizing redundancies and duplicate effort.

Visualization & Dashboarding

The visualization and dashboards delivered by the Ejyle enables the client to effectively monitor risks, control performance, compliance activities, and all GRC initiatives. Issues or impacting adverse events can be proactively and mitigated.

Effective decision-making

The Ejyle’s GRC approach enables senior client stakeholders access a consolidated view of GRC information from across the enterprise which is aligned with their business strategies and make confident decisions.

Cost benefits

Ejyle GRC team has automated all processes which considerably saves time, effort and resources. It enables the client to establish smarter and efficient GRC processes.


We have an experienced team of GRC consultants with expertise in RSA Archer and other GRC tools. Our consultants have good understanding of global information security standards like NIST, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, etc.


We have implemented RSA Archer based GRC solutions for global clients.

Technology Expertise

We have deep expertise in various cybersecurity tools and technologies like Qualys, ArcSight, RedSeal, Recorded Future, and so on.

Technology Partnerships

We are an RSA Gold Partner. We have strategic partnership and deep expertise in Micro Strategy which is a key technology to build GRC and cybersecurity BI capabilities.