Optimization of International Supply Chain Execution

A B2B & B2C Intelligent Supply Chain Services Platform

A platform enabled by data and powered by cognitive & data science, on top of which multiple supply chain solutions are implemented to service every stakeholder within the entire supply chain ecosystem.

The client is a supply chain services provider creating a holistic, integrated, open platform built on an architecture of big data, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, which offers the user a comprehensive, cost-effective, real time and intelligent portfolio of supply chain solutions. 

The platform is a marketplace where supply chain services such as transportation, customs brokerage and insurance are traded, transactions executed, an intelligent library of data is queried, and a communications hub manages collaborative data sharing between humans, machines, sensors, knowledge-based virtual experts and others – all accessible through multiple web and mobile apps. 

The solution includes the following high level components conceptualized, designed and developed by a team of senior architects, data scientists and developers. 

Solution Approach
Supply chain enablement platform  A Data driven, Cognitive Sciences (Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Machine Learning and Deep Learning) powered open platform that supports the implementation of multiple services and solutions (Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Thick Client Apps) to service the supply chain eco system.
Services & Solutions Multiple services and solutions built on top of the enablement platform for the various stakeholders within the supply chain eco system.
  • An intelligent, intuitive, data driven platform and services providing for the complete and seamless integration and automation of various supply chain functions and capabilities was developed on top of which multiple services and solutions can be implemented for the various stakeholders within the end to end supply chain eco system.  
  • The solution was built with the capabilities to stand up and deploy implementations in various countries with minimal configuration changes and the ability to augment the data driven knowledge base with additional data sources for various deployments.