Re-Engineering and Modernization of a Legacy MR System

Re-Engineering for Improving Performance, Scalability, Maintainability, Flexibility, Usability and Extensibility

Positively contribute to client’s growth map by re-engineering the existing MR Request & Response application platform to improve its performance, scalability, maintainability, flexibility, usability and extensibility.

The client has been the dominant provider in healthcare information technology services that provides an application platform for health care providers to release medical records to requestors electronically. The platform consolidates requests online and provides a simple management tool to receive requests, review authorizations, respond to requestors’ questions, automate compliance with HIPAA disclosures rules, charge, bill and collect payments, and ultimately release records. The platform reduces phone calls and streamlines the otherwise chaotic and administratively burdensome processing of medical record requests.  

The MR platform was originally designed and written in 2010. There has been very little architectural and technology advancements since the original design. The client has embarked on an effort to re-engineer the current application in order to bring it current with today’s technology and take advantage of the benefits it will offer.

The goals for next generation application platform are:  

  • Improve the performance, scalability, maintainability, flexibility, usability and extensibility  
  • Provide Multi-tenant capabilities  
  • Leverage best in class HIPPA compliant cloud infrastructure to host the application 

The Client chose Ejyle as a development partner to transform their flagship MR Request and Response application platform into the Next-Generation product. Ejyle used the blended-shore model to provide a cost-effective solution offering. Ejyle’s Analysts studied the existing business processes, assisted the client to identify the pain points and documented the requirements and features for the enhanced system. Ejyle’s Architects and designers took a deep dive into the current system and proposed the new architecture for the Next Generation MR Request & Response application platform with significant improvements such as – 

  • Enhanced performance and scalable design 
  • Multi-tenant architecture 
  • Responsive web design  
  • Service Oriented Architecture  
  • Cloud based application hosting 
Solution Our Approach
Enhanced performance and scalable design
  • Processes data at the most appropriate layer 
  • Minimize server round trips 
  • Reduce unnecessary processing 
  • Avoid storing per-user data on the server  
  • Enable data caching 
  • Stateless design 
  • Separate Read-only request from Transactional Requests 
  • Enable Data Paging 
  • Scalable design to support scale-up  and scale-out solutions to increase the capacity of the application.
Multi-Tenant Architecture
  • Scalable, Configurable, Multi-Tenant-Efficient architecture  
  • Shared database with high degree of data isolation
Responsive Web Design (RWD)
  • Deliver appropriately formatted web pages using Bootstrap framework that look great on each device – whether that’s a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone 
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Standardized Service Contracts 
  • Loose Coupling, Abstraction and Reusability
Cloud-Based Deployment
  • AWS platform for application hosting and secure document storage