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Insurance as an industry has grown rapidly and gained more momentum over the past few years. Multiple insurance has increased the need to keep records updated, details available quickly and processes streamlined. With increase in the insurance needs, the challenges too have increased. Technology solutions provided by Ejyle offer to better your business, in turn improving your efficiency.

Industry Overview

Insurance industry has turned to be quite profitable over the years. The sudden boom in the industry, in the past few years, has made customers more adept in buying such policies and utilizing them. Insurance can be of any type- medical insurance, life insurance, accident insurance, house and fire insurance, etc. Any type of insurance has a certain amount of paper work involved in it and that sometimes can turn out to be time consuming. Technology today has transformed the way Insurance business is done and has made break-through advancements in reaching out to people through reliable software solutions.

At Ejyle, we offer technology solutions to help insurance clients to offer better and reliable products to their customers. We cater to all your complex insurance needs and provide you with a cost efficient and beneficial solution that will deal with all complexities of the organization. Our team of experts helps design software solutions that bear long lasting results with a quick turn around time. Maximize product efficiencies and reduce time, while continuously striving to deliver world-class solutions.

Our Value Proposition

  • We have worked with large insurance companies and bring valuable domain experience and technology expertise to the table.

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We have built enterprise architecture for one of the largest life insurance companies in South Africa. We have built a product end-to-end for a client to manage healthcare insurance related performance and risk management in the United States. We have done tons of work in the insurance domain.

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