Built a Covid Management Solution on War Footing For a state government in India


During the COVID-19 pandemic, our client urgently needed a specialized Hospital Management System to cater to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the state. The system had to integrate and coordinate patient care across multiple hospitals and care settings, including post-COVID follow-up care and quarantine management.


The project presented several significant challenges for Ejyle:

Time Constraints

We had to deliver the complete solution within a record time of 3 weeks to meet surging COVID cases in the state which required swift development and efficient coordination.

Limited Client Capabilities

The client lacked expertise in Hospital Management Systems and the necessary resources for developing the system.

Complex Functionality

The Hospital Management System required various critical features, such as CCC/NEIGRIHMS bed allocation, ambulance allocation and tracking, patient check-in, patient search, and contact trace capture. Developing a seamless and intuitive user interface while ensuring.

accurate functionality was a challenge.


To address these challenges the approach was as follows:

Time Constraints

Ejyle ramped up a team very rapidly due to impending social need. Our teams volunteered to work long hours to make a difference in our own small way.

Limited Client Capabilities

Ejyle brought forth its rich expertise in Healthcare IT, Hospital Management and Platform Development to understand the high-level needs. We had to proactively identify features that were essential for the solution and thought through the design based on scenarios that could occur. Ejyle’s strong solutioning expertise came handy in building and end-to-end solution.

Complex Functionality
  • Modular development: We divided the solution into manageable modules and built them out in parallel, ensuring seamless integration within the given timeframe.
  • End-to-end solution: Our system covered various aspects which includes patient registration, testing, quarantine, case severity categorization, laboratory integration, admission management, nursing care, medication administration, prescription management, patient transfers, care coordination, contact tracing, ambulance management, equipment inventory, discharge, post-discharge follow-up care, and quarantine management.
Ejyle’s Platform Development Methodology

Ejyle adopted its agile platform development methodology, enabling rapid iterations and close collaboration with the client. This iterative approach allowed regular demos and feedback from the Ministry in the State and course corrections, ensuring that the solution aligns precisely with the client’s expectations.

Key Outcomes

Simplified Patient Check-In

The system streamlined the patient check-in process and transfers from one facility to another, providing accurate and up-to-date information about their allocation.

Streamlined Bed Allocation

The system enabled efficient allocation of beds as per case severity and proximity of facility.

Effective Ambulance Coordination

Ambulances were allocated and tracked in real-time, facilitating the efficient transportation of patients between healthcare facilities.

Care Coordination / Continuity

A patient’s entire history and continuity of care was facilitated in a seamless manner for transfer across ward or bed types, across facilities anywhere in the state as well as post discharge on a future return to any of the state’s facilities.

Comprehensive Contact Tracing

The system facilitated the capture and management of contact tracing data, allowing officials to follow up with individuals and provide necessary guidance.

Ejyle Advantage

Solutioning & Technology Leadership

We have a team of seasoned solution architects and technology leaders with extensive experience. We offer guidance, mentorship, and strategic direction throughout the entire product development lifecycle.

Outcome-based Approach

We deliver optimal results that align with client’s business goals. We leverage our past experiences to meet client’s unique requirements and build modular solutions.

Extended Think-Tank

We actively collaborate with the client for strategy, product detailing, and development phases. We provide valuable insights and foster innovation throughout the journey.

Embracing Uncertainty and Evolution

We thrive in dynamic environments and adapt quickly to changing requirements. We embrace uncertainty and facilitate the evolution of ideas into robust solutions.

Rapid Team Assembly and Scalability

We swiftly assemble and scale development teams with access to a diverse talent pool. We ensure that the right expertise is readily available to meet the client’s project’s requirements promptly.

Rich Experience in Healthcare Domain

We have a proven track record in developing specialized platforms for the healthcare industry. Our tailored solutions address the unique needs of healthcare organizations, ensuring compliance, security, and efficiency in managing data and processes.