Who we are

We are an agile software services and solutions company with passion and single-minded focus on cybersecurity and application services. We are committed to providing efficient, robust, and cost-effective services to clients across the globe.

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We do cybersecurity

We offer robust services and solutions to build large-scale information security programs, provide consulting on GRC process and automate, implement various cybersecurity operations, and integrate security into the heart of DevOps processes.

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We do application services

We build modern and high-performance applications end-to-end. We have deep technical expertise, domain knowledge, robust accelerators and built-in agile culture to design, build and deliver web apps, mobile apps, microservices, and APIs.

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Financial Services

Ejyle offers a portfolio of services and solutions that can help financial institutions to be more efficient, reduce cost, and offer more innovative products to customers.


Ejyle’s Healthcare solutions helps you assess the effectiveness of clinical and administrative processes and provide reliable and consistent solutions to reduce cost and time.

Hospitality & Travel

Ejyle has helped many clients streamline their hospitality business by providing reliable digital marketing services and technology solutions.


With increase in the insurance needs, the challenges too have increased. Technology solutions provided by Ejyle offer to better your business, in turn improving your efficiency.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Ejyle understands the pulse of the industry. This recognition, combined with technical expertise has enabled us to present a suite of carefully crafted Services and Solutions that provide remedy to the challenges of the Supply Chain and Logistics industry.


Ejyle provides comprehensive GRC & cybersecurity solutions and services that has helped our telecom clients stay ahead in the tough world of information security.


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