Ejyle CodeX revolutionizes the medical coding process, addressing the inefficiencies and complexities of manual coding through advanced technologies such as NLP, AI, and rule-based engines. Our solution is designed to enhance accuracy, efficiency, and compliance in medical coding for healthcare providers, payers, and service organizations.


Manual medical coding is full of challenges:

  • Missed HCC Codes: Leading to under-reported health conditions and inaccurate risk assessments.
  • Revenue Loss to Health Plans: Reduced population risk scores due to missed HCC codes result in decreased revenue from CMS.
  • Reduced Efficiency: Manual coding is time-consuming, lowering productivity.
  • Increased Administrative Burden: High administrative costs due to large coding teams.
  • Regulatory Complexity: Staying updated with evolving regulations is challenging.

Solution How Our CodeX Platform Solves Typical Medical Coding Challenges

Competitive Advantage

Superior Accuracy

Our proprietary NLP engine and AI/ML feedback loop achieve over 95% precision in code extraction.

Enhanced Efficiency

Automates tasks and streamlines workflows, increasing productivity by 4x.

Comprehensive Functionality

Identifies MEATS criteria for extracted codes, providing robust justification and supporting accurate risk score calculation.

Seamless Integration

Integrates securely with existing healthcare systems, ensuring encrypted data handling.

  • Processes large volumes of medical records efficiently, handling over 0.5 million pages per day.


Reduced Administrative Costs

Optimized revenue from Risk Adjustment programs due to superior accuracy.

Enhanced Efficiency

Automation reduces reliance on manual coding, leading to cost savings.

Improved Compliance

Adherence to evolving coding guidelines.

Enhanced Focus on Patient Care

More time for healthcare professionals to dedicate to patient care.

Faster Turnaround Times

Rapid processing of charts, delivering results quickly.

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