Re-Engineered and Modernized a Legacy EMR System A major US-based EMR solutions provider


The client is a leading provider of Healthcare Information Management (HIM) solutions, specializing in the electronic release of medical records for health care providers. With a strong market presence, the client has been a key player in facilitating the secure and efficient exchange of medical information.

Prior to engaging with Ejyle, the client encountered significant challenges with their existing legacy platform. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, they sought our expertise to re-engineer their legacy application and modernize it to align with their current and future business requirements. Ejyle was entrusted to transform the existing platform into a robust, scalable, and high-performance system.


Performance and Scalability

Performance and scalability of the existing MR Request & Response application platform was a key challenge. The goal was to improve responsiveness and handle increasing data volumes and user loads efficiently.

Maintaining and Enhancing Maintainability

The legacy architecture and outdated technologies posed challenges in maintaining the application. It was required to reduce costs and streamline future updates and enhancements.

Flexibility and Extensibility

The client needed a flexible and easily extensible application platform to adapt to changing business needs, regulatory requirements, and future integrations.

Multi-Tenant Capabilities

Providing multi-tenant capabilities while ensuring data isolation, security, and customization options for different tenants was a challenge.

HIPAA Compliance and Cloud Infrastructure

Leveraging a HIPAA compliant cloud infrastructure added complexity in terms of data security, privacy, and regulatory compliance.


To address these challenges the approach was as follows:

Enhanced Performance and Scalable Design
  • Optimized data processing at the most appropriate layer, minimizing server round trips and reducing unnecessary processing.
  • Avoided storing per-user data on the server, enabling efficient handling of user requests.
  • Implemented data caching mechanisms to improve response times and reduce database load.
  • Designed the application with a stateless architecture, enhancing scalability and resilience.
  • Separated read-only requests from transactional requests to optimize performance.
  • Enabled data paging for efficient handling of large datasets.
  • Implemented a scalable design to support both scale-up and scale-out solutions, allowing for increased capacity as the application grows.
Multi-Tenant Architecture
  • Developed a scalable, configurable, and multi-tenant-efficient architecture.
  • Utilized a shared database with a high degree of data isolation to ensure security and privacy between tenants.
Responsive Web Design
  • Implemented a responsive web design approach using the Bootstrap framework.
  • This ensured that the application’s web pages were appropriately formatted and visually appealing on various devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.
Service-Oriented Architecture
  • Employed standardized service contracts to promote interoperability and ease of integration.
    Utilized loose coupling, abstraction, and reusability principles to enhance flexibility and maintainability.
Cloud-Based Application Hosting
  • Leveraged the Azure platform for hosting the application, providing a secure and scalable infrastructure.
  • Utilized the AWS platform for secure document storage, ensuring compliance with data privacy and security regulations.

Key Outcomes

Scalable Response and Flexible Platform

The platform was designed to scale with the client’s needs, providing a responsive user interface that adapted to different devices and offering flexibility for customization.

Secure Exchange of PHI Data

The platform ensured the secure exchange of sensitive PHI data between the healthcare organization and requesting entities, complying with HIPAA regulations.

Reduced Cost and Improved Accuracy and Performance

The modernized platform reduced maintenance costs, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced accuracy and performance for faster response times and data integrity.

Intelligent Request Process

Advanced algorithms and automation to streamline request handling, resulting in faster and accurate retrieval and delivery of medical records.

Reduced Provider Abrasion with Better Communicaiton

The platform improved communication channels, reducing delays, errors, and misunderstandings which led to improved relationships with providers.

Industry-Leading Delivery Rates, Speed and Accuracy

The platform achieved industry-leading delivery rates, speed, and accuracy in releasing medical records, setting new standards in the industry.

Ejyle Advantage

Solutioning & Technology Leadership

We have a team of seasoned solution architects and technology leaders with extensive experience. We offer guidance, mentorship, and strategic direction throughout the entire product development lifecycle.

Outcome-based Approach

We deliver optimal results that align with client’s business goals. We leverage our past experiences to meet client’s unique requirements and build modular solutions.

Extended Think-Tank

We actively collaborate with the client for strategy, product detailing, and development phases. We provide valuable insights and foster innovation throughout the journey.

Embracing Uncertainty and Evolution

We thrive in dynamic environments and adapt quickly to changing requirements. We embrace uncertainty and facilitate the evolution of ideas into robust solutions.

Rapid Team Assembly and Scalability

We swiftly assemble and scale development teams with access to a diverse talent pool. We ensure that the right expertise is readily available to meet the client’s project’s requirements promptly.

Rich Experience in Healthcare Domain

We have a proven track record in developing specialized platforms for the healthcare industry. Our tailored solutions address the unique needs of healthcare organizations, ensuring compliance, security, and efficiency in managing data and processes.