Streamlined and Automated GRC Process For a large telecom company in the Middle East


The client had an ineffective and disconnected GRC implementation across departments, lacking integration in Compliance, Risk, Cybersecurity, Automation, and Reporting. They sought Ejyle’s expertise to establish an integrated, enhanced, and transparent GRC process environment.


Disparate processes, guidelines, frameworks, point solutions, and automation hindered unification across different departments.

The existing GRC implementation failed to leverage key features and lacked well-defined risk data and standardized methodologies, hampering collaboration, and causing redundancies.

Limited utilization of BI tools for advanced visualization and cyber risk quantification resulted in a lack of visibility and hindered effective decision-making.


The client engaged Ejyle to assess, redefine frameworks and processes, and implement an integrated GRC solution. Ejyle assembled a dedicated team specializing in Enterprise Management, Policy Management, Risk Management, Compliance Management, Cyber Defense, Executive Dashboarding, and Cyber Risk Quantification. The secure on-premises deployment enabled the client to effectively utilize the solution.

Enterprise Management

Ejyle designed a tailored solution aligned with the client’s business hierarchy and IT infrastructure, enabling data migration for meaningful insights and supporting integration touchpoints for dependent GRC use cases.

Integrated Risk Management

Ejyle implemented a centralized risk management solution, enabling measurement and reporting of risk postures across departments. Defined controls were assessed using criteria and checklists, with scoring, tabulation, and reporting capabilities to achieve predictable results aligned with the client’s business objectives. 

Compliance Management

Ejyle automated the Compliance Management framework, centralizing compliance reporting and providing high visibility of the overall compliance landscape. Streamlined processes and workflow streamlined CS controls testing, including standardized assessment processes, integration of testing results, and centralized tracking and reporting of compliance gaps.

Policy Management

Ejyle streamlined the Policy Management process, establishing a scalable and flexible environment to manage corporate and regulatory policies. This included documentation, ownership assignment, and mapping of policies to key business areas and objectives, supporting the policy, standard, and control lifecycle.

Cyber Risk Quantification

Ejyle implemented Cyber Risk Quantification use case, enabling the quantification of financial risk exposure to cybersecurity events. This facilitated prioritization of risk mitigation efforts based on business and financial impact, allowing the communication of cyber risk in financial terms to senior management and the board.

Cybersecurity Executive Dashboard

Ejyle deployed advanced visualization and predictive modeling techniques using MicroStrategy to deliver an executive dashboard. The dashboard provided an executive summary of enterprise GRC, Cyber Defense, and key performance indicators (KPIs) accessible through mobile, web, and handheld interfaces.

Integration with Third-Party Systems

The GRC platform was integrated with various third-party systems, including ArcSight for security analytics and intelligence, Qualys for vulnerability detection, RedSeal for Network Infrastructure Security Management (NISM), MicroStrategy for BI and analytics, Splunk for real-time operational intelligence, and ERP for seamless integration.

Key Outcomes

Streamlined Operations

Our GRC Automation implementation eliminates redundancies and simplifies processes across departments, leading to streamlined operations and improved efficiency. This allows the client to optimize their resources and focus on core business activities.

Enhanced Visibility

Through advanced visualization and intuitive dashboards, our GRC Automation solution provides the client with enhanced visibility into risks, compliance activities, and overall GRC performance. This enables them to have a clear understanding of their organization’s risk landscape and make informed decisions.

Informed Decision-Making

Our GRC Automation solution equips the client with real-time insights and consolidated information, empowering them to make data-driven and informed decisions. By having a comprehensive view of their GRC processes and performance, the client can effectively prioritize risk mitigation efforts and allocate resources accordingly.

Cost Benefits

Our GRC Automation implementation reduces manual effort, automates repetitive tasks, and streamlines workflows. This results in significant cost savings for the client by minimizing the need for manual resources and optimizing operational efficiency.

Risk Mitigation

By automating GRC processes, our solution enhances the client’s ability to identify and mitigate risks effectively. It facilitates timely identification of compliance gaps, enables proactive risk management, and ensures regulatory and industry standard adherence.

Ejyle Advantage


Our experienced consultants possess expertise in GRC processes and GRC related technologies. They have a comprehensive understanding of global information security standards such as NIST, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS, ensuring effective alignment with industry best practices.


We have successfully implemented GRC solutions for clients worldwide. Our track record demonstrates our ability to deliver robust and customized solutions that address diverse business needs and compliance requirements.

Technology Expertise

Our team has deep expertise in a range of cybersecurity tools and technologies, including Qualys, ArcSight, RedSeal, Recorded Future, and more. This comprehensive knowledge enables us to seamlessly integrate GRC solution with variety of cybersecurity tools and technologies.

Technology Partnerships           

We have established strategic partnerships and also acquired extensive expertise in various cybersecurity tools and technologies from these partners.