GRC and Cybersecurity Drive Business Resilience for Telecoms

Widespread availability of internet use and internet-enabled devices like smartphones wouldn’t have been possible without the infrastructure that telecom companies provide. And it is this reason that the telecom industry is often one of the prime targets by organised criminals and hackers to compromise their security. To stay in business, telecom companies must comply with so many regulations, security standards, and keep bad actors at bay. This is only possible with robust implementation of governance, risk, compliance (GRC), and cybersecurity practices and processes. Ejyle provides comprehensive GRC & cybersecurity solutions and services that has helped our telecom clients stay ahead in the tough world of information security.

Industry Overview

Telecom is a vast area and acts as a backbone to the global IT infrastructure. Apart from the burden of constantly upgrading and evolving their technology landscape, telecom companies face an increased challenge of managing risks and complying with ever changing regulations. Specific business challenges include:

  • Managing capital allocation and expenses to contain costs
  • Increased competition due to industry consolidation
  • Rapid convergence of devices and services
  • Increased regulatory and compliance demands
  • Greater need for effective internal processes and systems
  • Security and Privacy issues created by new platforms and applications

Industry Challenges

It is in this environment that senior Risk and Compliance stakeholders, together with telco executives, need to operate effectively, efficiently and with a greater degree of transparency. Specifically, the risk and compliance functions require solutions that:

  • Ensure compliance with a plethora of regulations across multiple geographies within time and cost constraints.
  • Provide an accurate and complete enterprise view into risk.
  • Create a single, integrated view and control of risk and compliance across the organisation.
  • Link risks to root causes, events, hazards and other elements of governance, risk and compliance.
  • Contain fraud within the enterprise.
  • Manage project risks and govern investments.

Our Value Proposition

Ejyle provides managed services and solutions in the entire gamut of GRC and Cybersecurity areas for our clients.

Our solutions and services involve consulting, implementation, and customisation of globally renowned platforms and products such as RSA Archer, IBM OnePage, Micro Strategy, Qualys, ArcSight, RedSeal, Recorded Future, and so on.

We also work very closely with the above platform and product companies and formalised partnerships with many of them to mutually leverage our capabilities to offer better and seamless solution/ services to our clients.

How can we help you?

Are you from the telecom industry? We can help you in GRC implementation and various cybersecurity operations like threat intelligence, threat management, vulnerability manage, penetration testing, and incident management.

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