DevAccelerate is a platform with a suite of open source and proprietary accelerators designed to help businesses accelerate the development of their business applications and significantly reduce their go-to-market timeline.

You can use DevAccelerate to embed powerful AI, common data models, data processing, cloud integration and security automation features into your products.


AI Harmony
Inference APIs

Offers a set of APIs to infer and generate domain-specific information and actions to help applications automate various processes. The primary domains that AI Harmony Inference APIs support are cybersecurity and healthcare.

AI Harmony

Allows developers to create and design chatbots with a series of topics and actions in workflow fashion. The chatbot can be text-based like ChatGPT or user-action based wherein user selects options based on context.

Cloud Harmony

CloudHarmony can connect to many cloud providers including AWS, Azure and Google and synchronize resource metadata in a central database. This can be incredibly useful for cloud-management applications. 

Controls Hub

A list of security controls and along with test adapters that can be used to automate the testing of the controls. The adapter framework is flexible and new adapters can easily be created and added to Controls Hub.

Common Data Model Libraries (.NET)

An open-source library that can be used by developers to embed various types of functionalities in .NET applications with very minimal amount of code. Functionalities include identity management, notifications, subscription management, tenant management, and much more.

Use Cases Some of the sample use cases that DevAccelerate platform supports

By calling the AI Harmony’s inference APIs under the Healthcare domain, you can generate diagnostic and clinical information by providing a range of parameters like symptoms, medication, etc. These APIs are to be used only for analytics and information purposes and not for medical advice.

Using AI Harmony Chatbot plugin, you can design and embed a chatbot that helps your patients to chat with AI for appointment assistance and get answers for some basic questions (not medical advice).

By calling the AI Harmony’s inference APIs under the security domain, you can generate more information out of cryptic security messages such as CVE IDs, vulnerability messages, and so on. The information generated can include action plans, security testing criteria, etc.

By calling the AI Harmony’s inference APIs under the security domain, you can club multiple vulnerabilities and findings and generate risks from the automatically. This is especially useful for security tools and technologies.

Cloud Harmony APIs allow you to synchronize resource metadata across different cloud providers. You can use this information to generate usage insights including the recommendations for optimizing cost.

Using DevAccelerate open-source libraries on GitHub and NuGet, you can implement authentication, authorization, and role management features with few lines of code.

DevAccelerate open-source libraries on GitHub and NuGet offer you multi-tenancy and subscription management data models so that you can embed them in your applications and save lot of time by not having to build them from the scratch.

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