For building a business application, it takes around 20 to 30% time to build authentication, authorization, multi-tenancy, role management and user management features and this process typically repeats almost in every application development project. Ejyle Identity Management (IdM) offers you a single solution that you can use across multiple applications so that your team can focus on actual business problems.

Primary Features


Your users can login with custom username and password stored in Ejyle IdM's own database or use external logins like Azure AD or Google account.

Authentication (MFA)

Your user can enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) to enhance security of his or her account. Your user can use Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator to generate one-time passwords (OTP).


You can connect applications of different platform with Ejyle IdM. An application can be a traditional web application, single-page application, native application like Android or iOS or Windows, or even machine-to-machine application / service.


You can add application-specific roles for your application. You can map them to different users and control authorization at granular level. Role information will be seamlessly shared with your application when a user logs in.

Web Hook

You can add one or more web hooks which allow Ejyle IdM to seamlessly and securely share event information with your application. Some of the examples of these events are when a tenant is created, a user is created, a tenant is deactivated, user is deactivated, etc.

Tenant Management

You can add multiple tenants (customers) in Ejyle IdM. You can open public registration for new tenants, or you can manage it on your own. You can activate or deactivate any tenant based on your needs. Once a tenant is deactivated then none of its users can log into any application integrated with Ejyle IdM.

Managed Tenant
Providers (MTPs)

You can create a tenant and enable it as a managed tenant provider (MTP). An MTP can manage other tenants. This is a great option if you subcontract your platform to third parties to manage end-customers especially if your application is a not a self-service one.

Branding and
Corporate Identity

You can specify your own logo, customize the menu colors, customize primary and secondary buttons. You can also change product name and other attributes that maps Ejyle IdM to your overall corporate brand.

End-to-End User

You can manage the users of any tenant. A tenant admin can manage users of its tenant. User management includes creation of new users, activating and deactivating a user, changing password of user, editing a user’s profile, etc. 


Ejyle IdM is a versatile identity management platform that enables developers to add secure and seamless authentication and authorization features to multiple applications with little effort and therefore saving time and money by up to 30%.

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