With all the technological improvements and advancements, while Healthcare has evolved significantly, it still seems ridden with some critical challenges. Issues around disparate Health care systems, distributed patient data, compromised patient experience, lack of key information at points of care, lack of timely clinical and operational insights. Ejyle’s focus has been to focus its offerings in a flexible manner to address some of these challenges leveraging a combination of domain and technology expertise.

Our experience and expertise cover the entire spectrum between payers and provides without losing sight of Patient Centricity and Patient Experience. From the Providers side where we design need driven hospital systems, system integration and drive care coordination to the Payer Side where we drive rich insights to reduce revenue leakage in Medicare, Medicaid, and ACA plans due to the issue of Risk Adjustment, Ejyle touches upon building solutions for everything in this spectrum including solutions for Medical Coding Companies (Retro/Concurrent/Prospective) and Mid Revenue Cycle Medical Coding. Our experience with solutions around Telemedicine, Care Coordination, Population Health ensures that Patient Centricity is focused upon. These areas are catered to with Ejyle’s services around Consulting, Solutioning, Platform/Application/Workflow Development, System Integration, AI/ML and BI driven Analytics Solutions.

Service Offerings


We build solutions that help our clients to identify risk adjustment gaps (member and health condition suspect analysis) and thereby providing insights into areas for retrospective, concurrent, and prospective interventions to close the gaps and reduce health-plan level revenue leakage.


We build solutions that help our clients to have a streamlined AI-driven workflow for retrospective, concurrent, and perspective gap closures in terms of missed / potentially missed disease and health conditions to assist health plans reduce revenue leakage. We build workflow solutions to enable medical coding companies manage the mid-cycle revenue management medical coding for providers.

platform development

We build telemedicine platforms to help healthcare providers and patients connect with each other remotely and seamlessly manage appointment and scheduling, patient medical records, prescriptions, and lab / radiology recommendation / reports thereby providing an environment of smooth care coordination and care continuity for a patient across different care settings.


We build patient-centric mobile apps, web portals, and apps for wearables which enables patient centricity in terms of patient having access to his own health vault (360-degree historical health information across different care settings), patient ability to completely own his health data in terms of consent and sharing, patient's ability to manage his own health clinic and help onboard his preferred providers.

Healthcare system

We help our clients to integrate various healthcare systems across different locations in order to enhance care continuity / care coordination, drive operational efficiencies, and enhance patient / care-giver experience.

Population health

We design and build AI-driven business intelligence / analytics to provide insights to payors and providers to monitor the overall health of their patients, identify high-risk / high-need population, plan for targeted health condition-based outreach campaigns, position / promote specific services for segmented populations (demographics, ethnicity, and social determinacies of health). The solution helps drive improved patient health, reduce gaps in care, and optimize service utilization.

Challenges & Our Solutions How we solve typical healthcare IT challenges

We will conduct a system study, understand what information each system captures / persists, which of this information needs to be consumed by other systems, identify system specific formats, potential integration needs, integration touchpoints / triggers. We then prioritize all these aspects and build an integration roadmap. We then execute the rodmap.

We understand the AS-IS Process/Workflow completely and identify the pieces that can be automated and the pieces that will continue to require a manual intervention. We bring in the best-in-class design practices to build solutions in the form of platforms/applications/workflows

We bring in our solutioning and domain expertise to study and understand where information is created, where it is persisted, who the current consumers are and who the desired consumers are at the point of care and what information would be required at what trigger/scenario. We then work to build a solution around making the data available at the point of care to drive the right clinical decisions.

We use our domain expertise to understand impacted stakeholders and also what outcomes each stakeholder would be interested in. We then consultatively drill down the key outcomes to identify important metrics/insights/data points that drive the key outcomes. We then bring in a combination of rich AI/ML and BI driven analytics that drive key business decisions

We design and build solutions for Care Coordination which involve the identification of key patient information and enabling the capture, central persistence and patient consent driven sharing of the information at key points in Care Journey for consented users (Care Settings/Providers/Patient/Referral/Care Transfers etc)

Initially we would leverage out consulting/solutioning expertise to study the processes and understand the root cause of the operational inefficiencies. We would then come up with a roadmap with one of or a combination of automation solution, application/platform/workflow solution or a system integration solution depending on the context. We will then implement the solution

We will study the scenarios/triggers and captures of different pieces of clinical information and understand the systems that create this information and the systems that persist this information. We then consultatively identify one or a combination of solutions such as system integration, information centralization etc. We then build as per the roadmap.

Case Studies